Zoom Koshering Tablet Service
Powered by Samsung Knox

We use the latest Samsung Security to keep you safe.

Koshering service is a one-time fee only. We do not charge you a monthly fee like some of our competitors!
*A $19.99 one-time set up fee required for all new customers. **Lifetime License is valid for same user of device only.
Essential apps included for free such as Calculator, Calendar, Clock, Notepad.

Zoom Koshering Tablet Service

Our Zoom  Kosher Tablet Service will allow ZOOM to be the only app installed on the device and no other apps will have access.
Our Koshering service will support ANY Samsung Wifi or LTE enabled Tablet running Android 5.0+
$39.99/one-time charge + *setup fee
  • Zoom Only
  • No Other Apps on Device
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Essential apps included upon request
  • Hebrew Language and Keyboard
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Pay Only One-Time
  • **Lifetime License

Tablet Add Ons

3 Kosher Apps 

$3.99/one-time charge

  • Pick 3 Kosher Apps 

5 Kosher Apps

$6.99/one-time charge

  • Pick 5 Kosher Apps

10 Kosher Apps

$8.99/one-time charge

  • Pick 10 Kosher Apps

We have the ability to create any type of Kosher or Talk & Text software that is unique to what you are looking for.

 Please use the Contact Us for more details.


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